Cisco Meraki Enhancement Expands Comcast Business Teleworker Solution



Comcast Business and Cisco Meraki are teaming up to improve the teleworker experience.

The partnership enhances the Comcast Business Teleworker VPN solution. Businesses can use the cloud-native platform to provide centrally managed VPN access, cloud management and traffic segmentation. Businesses can also establish 4G LTE backup for their remote employees.

Huang, Lawrence_Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki’s Lawrence Huang

“As businesses continue to rethink their offices altogether, IT leaders must develop strategies that have the ability to securely extend the enterprise network to employees anywhere, without compromising the protection, governance and performance that users have come to expect in the office,” said Lawrence Huang, Cisco Meraki’s vice president of product management. “Our partnership with Comcast Business continues our commitment in working with innovative leaders to enable secure, enterprise-grade user experiences so that our customers can not only adapt but thrive both now and in the future.”

Teleworker VPN Background

Comcast Business unveiled its Teleworker VPN solution in October. The company launched the service in partnership with HPE’s Aruba. The offering combines the Comcast Business Managed VPN Aggregator and the Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP). Now, Comcast Business Teleworker VPN with Cisco Meraki lets businesses centrally manage remote workers’ various devices from the Cisco Meraki cloud platform.

Verma, Amit_Comcast Busines

Comcast Business’ Amit Verma

It can combine with Comcast Business’ Teleworker Broadband solution.

Amit Verma, Comcast Business’ vice president of solution engineering and technology, said secure remote workforce connectivity stands near the top of IT priorities in the age of COVID-19.

”…. the Comcast Business Teleworker VPN solution with Cisco Meraki allows enterprises to gain peace of mind while providing their employees with a secure, independent Internet connection that does not interfere or compete with their at-home Internet — freeing up home bandwidth for remote learning, entertainment and more,” Verma said.

Comcast last year made the Amazon Chime video conferencing solution available to business users.

We examined how companies such as Comcast Business are enabling remote work and anticipating the future business landscape.



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