Former Top CenturyLink Channel Exec Joins Master Agent

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… the COVID-19 pandemic and she ran that business unit.

“So as they looked to gain more efficiencies and collapse businesses, it made sense for me to depart the business at that time,” she said.

Immediate Impact

Miller said she can have immediate impact with Spearhead Advisors.

“What I want to do is make certain that we keep customer satisfaction in the forefront,” she said. “I want to grow the organization, And believe me, being at CenturyLink and acquiring, I lived through 18 integrations. So I want to be very careful that I manage our growth appropriately. I want to be able to stop at every level and be able to do that so we don’t grow so fast that customers suffer because then I can’t deliver a differentiated experience.”

Spearhead Advisors’ competitors would be anyone that sells to an enterprise customer for IT and telecommunications solutions, Miller said. That includes subagents and carriers’ direct sales forces.

“What it all comes down to in my view is how well you can service that enterprise customer,” she said. “It doesn’t matter what carrier you sell, it doesn’t matter what solution you provide. If your customer at the end of the day is not willing to recommend you, then it doesn’t matter. You haven’t done your job. And so I want Spearhead Advisors to be one of the best companies at delivering great satisfaction.”

Next year is going to be a growth year for the channel, Miller said.

“I was speaking to a friend of mine at another master agent and they said it’s been crazy, and that it has been a growth year for them,” she said. “Who would have thought that? Because a carrier can’t say it’s a growth year for them, but in the channel you get to look at so many different providers, so many different services and solutions that you can provide to an end customer. The channel really, in my view, has the advantage right now. And that’s what I want to be able to leverage and take advantage of as I grow Spearhead Advisors.”

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