Best in UCaaS: Fuze, Granite, CallTower or CenturyLink?


Voxbone SIP

… smaller organizations. Palmer said Granite has a long history of meeting SMBs’ needs.

“We’ve made a business of replicating that small business, whether it’s one pizza place or 50 pizza places,” he said. “It’s the same thing for us, just multiplied.”

Fuze, however, doesn’t play in that SMB market, Knueppel said. Its target market usually starts at about 250-employee companies and above.

“We very intentionally have taken ourselves out of the SMB market because it’s an incredibly crowded space and a very difficult space to be able to differentiate from a lot of other solutions,” he said. “There are a lot of good solutions out there. It’s no longer a challenge of who’s got this feature and who’s got that feature. Realistically, whoever’s got that today, the other group will have it inside of the next six months. So the adoption process of actually doing the larger deployments, of getting into the integrations over a significant number of applications and so on … that’s where we play.”

Scaling Down

The nice thing about a Metaswitch, Cisco or Microsoft solution is that it scales pretty easily. Rubio said.

CenturyLink's Jessica Saracco

CenturyLink’s Jessica Saracco

“Everything is really being scaled down for the SMB user from the standpoint of really being economical and feature-rich,” he said. “So customers ask us all the time, and partners ask us, what’s really your sweet spot? And for us it’s really not about a number, it’s really about what your requirements are and what the solution is you’re looking for.”

The companies also talked about the ease of their implementation for customers and agents. Saracco said CenturyLink takes a “surgical approach” when developing its plan.

“We’ve always worked with end clients, so selling to an IT director is very different from training an entire group of enterprise clients on how to use new services,” she said. “So we take into consideration their goals, their spend and the entire environment. And then we tailor the approach based on the specific solution that we’re going to sell and the client’s requirements with our dedicated implementation and customer care teams.”

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