Spiceworks Ziff Davis: Pandemic Not Slowing Tech Spending


Increased spending

… buying similar goods when it comes to buying software, hardware and services, Tsai said.

“To compete in this environment, MSPs, VARs and online retailers need to understand what buyers want most from a partner, and which factors differentiate one purchase channel from another,” he said. “For example, while the best pricing and overall value – where manufacturers and online retailers excel – are the top factors influencing where companies buy technology, other very important considerations include the ability to offer long-term business relationships, access to technical expertise, end-to-end support and trusted advice.”

Supporting Customers

Many channel companies’ potential customers are busier supporting remote users, Tsai said. As a result, they’re harder to reach than before.

“It’s very important for channel companies to approach customers in a more human way — listening to their problems carefully and offering solutions that fit their needs,” he said. “Using a more personalized approach, channel companies catch buyers’ attention by tailoring outreach to address unique pain points.

During the COVID-19 crisis, relationships matter, Tsai said. With the entire business world going through the same challenge, there’s the opportunity to foster genuine connections.

“Even if customers aren’t ready for a solution now, investing in building relationships now can lead to future business opportunities,” he said. “According to our survey, 64% of IT buyers said their experience with providers is highly dependent on who they have as an account representative. And 72% said positive word of mouth is very important when selecting an MSP to serve their organization’s needs.”

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