New MicroCorp Sales VP Talks Rebrand, Master Agent Industry, MSP Enablement


… pull-through. The customer is getting engaged on a UCaaS solution or a cloud solution, and that’s bringing in the SD-WAN and the network. It used to be completely opposite.”

Drawing MSPs

Shubert said MicroCorp has attracted more partner types than just the typical telecom agent, including MSPs.

And just as MicroCorp has encouraged the traditional agent to sell more than access, it is persuading MSPs to consider access. Shubert said that while the MSP may specialize in a technology like security or UCaaS, carrier services can function as a strategic advantage.

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“I think the MSP/VAR marketplace has been a mystery that multiple master agencies and the channel as a whole have been trying to crack over the last five or six years,” he said. “We’ve made a really good home for MSPs because we help them to understand that it’s not just about getting them to sell carrier services. It’s about helping them understand how they can take carrier services to actually lock out other competitors and become a more full-service offering.”

‘The Channel is Alive’

According to Shubert, MicroCorp is pushing to be the “premier alternative master agency” in the U.S. Although he tipped his hat to MicroCorp’s competition, he said the companies vary in how they treat their agents. MicroCorp seeks to define itself as a company focused on partner relationships, enablement and growth.

“We recognize that we have some outstanding competition out there that has their fit, and we wish them absolutely the best, and we think they’re all quality companies out there. But I do think there is some perception among some partners — that they feel master agencies are just there to satisfy commitments with carriers, and that they are, for lack of a better word, pushing paper,” he said.

Shubert offered partners a word of hope. He entered his career around the Sept. 11 attacks and worked during the 2008 recession. He said high-impact events like these spur people to adapt. The survivors will adopt new tech and uses that tech to help their customers adapt.

“Don’t lose hope. The channel is alive. The products are there. You can find a way to thrive, even in a downturn economy,” Shubert said.

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