ScanSource POS Portal Offers New Suite of Mobile, Touchless Pay Options


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ScanSource and subsidiary POS Portal just unveiled Contact-LESS, a suite of mobile and touchless payment solutions and accessories. The new products increase the revenue opportunity in a market where contactless solutions are soaring.

Contact-LESS is part of the ScanSource POS Portal lineup of point-of-sale, barcode, mobile-pay and NFC products and services. Contact-LESS offers protection shields, fitted keypad covers, UV sanitation devices and device stands. These products are in high demand as business owners adhere to new safety and sanitation guidelines.

ScanSource's John Eldh

ScanSource’s John Eldh

“As restaurants and retail establishments across the country begin to open back up responsibly, business owners are faced with the challenge of adhering to new safety and sanitation guidelines, while at the same time keeping up with the evolving expectations of consumers,” said John Eldh, senior executive vice president and chief revenue officer at ScanSource. “Contact-LESS is a comprehensive program helping our partners selling into the retail, grocery, and hospitality verticals by equipping them with the products and devices their customers need to meet the changing landscape of today’s businesses.”

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Mastercard reported a 40% increase in contactless payments, including tap-to-pay and mobile pay during the first quarter as the global pandemic worsened, CNBC reported in late April. In a May blog, Mastercard discusses contactless payments and the “new normal” post COVID-19.

Rising Demand

Mastercard global transaction data and consumer research suggests use of contactless payments is accelerating. A poll across 19 countries indicates that in March, as many countries imposed necessary restrictions on social distancing, groceries and pharmacies remained open, and the number of contactless card payments at these locations, as a proportion of all face-to-face card payments, grew by 25% compared to the previous year. Citing safety and cleanliness, 79% of people worldwide and 91% in Asia Pacific say they now use tap-and-go payments. The data, the company says, reinforces how people look for alternatives in a store. They want to avoid handling cash, pens and keypads in favor of a safe and quick tap to check out.

ScanSource reports a huge demand for contactless products and services. Eldh notes how partners can make more money, but an improved customer experience is the real benefit.

“When it comes to enhanced safety, cleanliness and sanitation, customer expectation has shifted,” said Eldh. “We’re enabling our partners to be the go-to resource for their end-user customers as they look to revamp the point-of-purchase experience. Additionally, the safety of employees is top of mind and these solutions can help prevent potential closures that would result in loss of business.”

Partners in retail, hospitality and grocery are up to speed on the challenges that end customers face.

“For partners, the Contact-LESS offerings are easy add-ons to the solutions they’re already selling,” said Eldh.

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