TBI Adds Wireless WatchDogs Mobility Management


Mobile device watchdog

TBI partners now have access to Wireless Watchdogs‘ suite of managed mobility services (MMS) and mobile device management (MDM).

Wireless Watchdogs MMS offers device staging, provisioning and management while reducing mobility expenses. Businesses can reduce costs while simplifying mobile device management. Customers don’t need to switch current mobile carrier(s), disrupt service or add additional service costs or devices.

Wireless Watchdogs optimizes wireless rate plans before invoicing, ensuring customers pay based only on usage. TBI partners can offer these services to accounts with as few as 25 mobile devices. And customers pay a flat fee per device.

Pandemic Increases Value of Services

Wireless Watchdogs' John Gonzalez

Wireless Watchdogs’ John Gonzalez

“Given the dramatic rise in employees working remotely due to COVID-19, our services are proving more valuable now than ever,” said John Gonzalez, Wireless Watchdogs’ vice president of sales. “Once companies see what Wireless Watchdogs can do, they’re sold. And once they’re clients, they stay clients because of the time and money they’re saving and the control and transparency they gain. It goes directly to the bottom line, and in the process provides partners an ongoing revenue stream. It’s a win for partners and for the end customer, and without customers having to switch from their current mobile providers.”

TBI's Mike Onystok

TBI’s Mike Onystok

Mike Onystok is TBI’s senior vice president of operations. He said Wireless Watchdogs’ solutions are succeeding in today’s market.

“With the growth of mobility and multitude of devices in use, Wireless Watchdogs brings exactly what businesses need right now to not only help them manage mobility, but do so while saving money, without having to switch carriers, and having access to all the comprehensive reporting they need,”he said. “Adding Wireless Watchdogs to our portfolio gives partners the opportunity to offer mobility management services to customers with as few as 25 devices and bring cost savings to businesses of all sizes.”

Earlier this month, TBI partners gained access to DataBank data centers via a new partnership between the master agent and the provider.

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