TBI Partners, Customers See New Norms Shaping Post COVID-19 Tech Priorities



… enabling work from home,” Powell added. “They need to also be out in front of this as much as we are trying to get out in front of it ourselves.”

Another TBI partner, CXT180, is going down the same path. “We had quite a few RFPs that were out for infrastructure, but those have all been tabled,” said Carla Looper, CXT180 principal and managing partner. “Suddenly everyone wants to talk about IoT or digital transformation. We’re looking at video intelligence and thermal imaging from AT&T and CBTS.”

Mark Stackpoole, CEO of Global Telecom Solutions (GTS) agreed. Stackpoole said the key to thriving as businesses reopen is being open to new technology.

“As shops start to open up, they’re going to be looking for technologies that some of us have never sold,” Stackpoole said. “So really grab that stuff, embrace it … have confidence in something you’re excited to talk to your customers about.”

TBI partners and customers – at least some – are on the same page. As the crisis unfolded, Krista Parin, senior manager of consumer experience at Whirlpool, recalled how she requested a supplier leave a sink she ordered for a home renovation in her garage without her having to sign for the delivery.

“It was a totally touchless delivery,” Parin said.

An hour later, on a call with Whirlpool’s senior leaders, she suggested the company offer that capability with its appliances.

“He said absolutely no way,” Parin said.

But within 24 hours, the exec reached out to her asking for more information.

“That would have taken us years,” she said. “But because of this, we’re able to pivot really fast.”

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  1. Avatar F. George Dunham, III June 2, 2020 @ 3:28 pm

    I would share an interesting experience we had. I am a software CEO and we panicked during the early days of the covids. the company was already almost bankrupt because of poor leadership and unfortunately I forced my new sales reps to try to focus on covid as an excuse to use our software which has no bearing or relationship to covid at all. smart users understood it was all fake messaging trying to take advantage of the situation very selfishly. i have learned my lesson and through this all have learned that my role should be more as advisor and I should let someone else run the company. so my message is do not under any circumstance lie about this pandemic. it is too serious.

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