Cloud Adoption in 2020: Security Still A Big Gap Partners Can Fill

Cloud Adoption

… withstand the economic headwinds that have come with lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders, in large part because of mass shifts to remote work.

“There’s no reason to assume the underlying trends here will be annulled by the effects of COVID-19,” the authors wrote. “Impacted, yes; annulled, no. The shift to cloud, uptake of microservices, increasing interest in [site reliability engineering], emphasis on Kubernetes, container virtualization and other critical skills: Each of these trends has staying power, especially to the degree that they’re implicated in or correlated to one another.”

In other words, partners, specialize in multiple cloud architecture and infrastructure domains. You have perhaps unprecedented opportunity to augment your businesses. Mary Treseler, vice president of content strategy for O’Reilly, agreed.

“While cloud usage is up, cloud maturity – in terms of companies understanding how to use it most effectively — is still in its early days,” she told Channel Partners. “The move to cloud was initially based on scalability, cost and efficiency. Usage is just the beginning of the story. Managing a cloud investment is vital and has been somewhat overlooked until recent months. Prior to COVID, companies were trying to understand and manage costs incurred by cloud services. [Partners] who help customers manage [all] this will come out on top.”

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