McAfee Helps Make Atlassian Collaboration and Productivity Software More Secure


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Collaboration and productivity software isn’t immune to cyber threats. That is why Atlassian just tapped McAfee for an integration that brings advanced data security and threat protection to its services. The agreement helps the companies’ common customers who want to speed their move to the cloud.

McAfee’s Mvision Cloud product offers visibility and control in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS environments. It also is useful across content management systems and DevOps settings, the company said.

In a recent report, McAfee found the average enterprise business uses 1,400 different cloud services. And as more move their operations to the cloud and remote work situations, security measures must evolve. After all, employees are using devices outside of traditional work parameters and often upload data unintentionally. There also are more threats from rogue employees, and many at-home workers don’t configure their applications correctly.

In another recent report, Gartner said customers will be to blame for a whopping 99% of cloud security failures through 2025. Therefore, enterprises are looking for ways to enforce extra security controls on their cloud services beyond SaaS and IaaS.

Rajiv Gupta is senior VP and general manager for cloud security at McAfee.

McAfee's Raj Gupta

McAfee’s Raj Gupta

“Organizations of all sizes are looking for security solutions that enable their business to securely leverage cloud services,” said Gupta. “Our collaboration with Atlassian helps organizations deliver on their share of the cloud security responsibility, while providing them with the ability to ‘shift left’ in a seamless manner that deploys the right security configurations without burdening developers or DevOps teams.”

Customer Benefits

Integrated with Mvision Cloud, Atlassian collaboration and productivity software customers get a number of benefits, the companies said.

  • First, it prevents Atlassian’s Jira and Confluence Cloud users from uploading or sharing sensitive or regulated data with unauthorized parties.
  • Second, it uses context-specific access policies to limit users from downloading or syncing to unmanaged devices — and keeping malicious hackers out of Jira and Confluence.
  • Furthermore, MVision Cloud provides the ability to capture the complete audit trail of all user activity enriched with threat intelligence. This facilitates post-incident forensic investigations. Mvision Cloud also detects threats from compromised accounts, insider threats, privileged access misuse and malware infection.
  • Atlassian’s Bitbucket Cloud and Bamboo products get extra security as well. Mvision Cloud detects and remediates against micsconfiguration and configuration from standard benchmarks such as CIS and NIST, or custom configuration policies.

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