TeamViewer Remote Assistance Among Latest COVID-19 Channel Offers


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 TeamViewer remote assistance, Nutanix financial breaks and ID Agent cyber protection are among the new offerings to help organizations and partners deal with COVID-19 prompted remote work forces and financial stresses.

TeamViewer has unveiled TeamViewer Pilot, a free solution for remote assistance for health care organizations during the pandemic. Health care workers can use one-to-one TeamViewer Pilot connections to share interactive video streaming and augmented reality (AR) annotations. That solves problems when they can’t be in the same place at the same time.

Pilot sessions also can be recorded and shared with others to explain how to solve similar issues. Remote technical or medical experts can help with how to use hospital equipment or devices. They also can collaborate with health care staff for on-the-job training or second opinions.

TeamViewer's John Reumann

TeamViewer’s John Reumann

John Reumann is TeamViewer’s director of partnerships. He said partners are seeing a lot of interest in Pilot and TeamViewer remote assistance across the board right now.

“During the current climate we have partners introducing Pilot to manufacturing companies because their techs and engineers are limiting their physical presence in warehouses or factory floors,” he said. “Other partners are focused specifically on automotive service companies, but it really isn’t limited to one industry.”

There is increased interest in TeamViewer remote assistance and remote connectivity solutions because of social distancing requirements, Reumann said.

“Partners are sharing that their customers are looking for solutions that fit their needs and budgets,” he said. “There is still a lot of uncertainty as to how long this pandemic will affect their customers’ businesses and what their operations will look like once things start to reopen.”

Remote experts can guide on-site personnel or junior field medical engineers through medical equipment installations and setups. They also can provide on-demand help to manage and fix hospital devices and machines, according to TeamViewer.

Anyone can download the Pilot mobile app on their tablet or smartphone. All TeamViewer Pilot remote sessions are secured by end-to-end encryption, TeamViewer said.

Nutanix Financial Assistance

The Nutanix Special Financial Assistance Program (NSFAP) supports partners globally as they work to sustain business operations amid rapidly changing economic conditions.

NSFAP will provide participating partners with extended payment terms for increased financial flexibility for their businesses. Additionally, Nutanix enables enhanced financing options for customers through Nutanix Financial Solutions (NFS).

Nutanix's Chris Kaddaras

Nutanix’s Chris Kaddaras

“We recognize the immense pressure businesses face today and we are happy to be able to offer immediate support to our partners by alleviating cash flow concerns and increasing financing flexibility,” said Chris Kaddaras, Nutanix‘s executive vice president of worldwide sales. “Our commitment to our partners has never been stronger. We will continue to evaluate the needs of our community to ensure our partners and customers have the resources they need to be successful in the current environment.”

Authorized Nutanix participating reseller partners are eligible for extended payment terms, with no additional costs, effective immediately. In turn, reseller partners will extend these extended payment terms to their customers to support further financial flexibility.

The program is available through May 31. Reseller partners can contact their Nutanix authorized distribution partners for eligibility.

In addition, Nutanix is offering free certification exams for partners through July 31. It also will continue to offer free courses and resources on the Nutanix partner portal and through field enablement programs virtually.

ID Agent Unleashes Passly

ID Agent, a Kaseya company, and provider of dark web monitoring and security awareness training, has added Passly, an integrated secure identity and access management solution, to its Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform.

Passly combines single sign-on (SSO), multifactor authentication (MFA) and password management into one solution for MSPs and multifunction IT teams at companies of any size.

Transitioning to a remote workforce brings potential mistakes, strains an already overworked IT staff and creates openings for cyberattacks, ID Agent said. Passly ensures the correct, authorized users can securely access their organization’s resources from any device and any location.

Kevin Lancaster is general manager of security solutions at Kaseya and founder of ID Agent. He said Agent ID’s customers face the daunting task of providing secure access to a highly distributed and mobile-first workforce.

“This, along with the dramatic uptick in migrating business applications to the cloud, was a trend we were …

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