Telarus, Intelisys, PlanetOne, TCG Lead ‘Extraordinary’ Master Agent COVID-19 Response


Coronavirus DNA

… the growth continues after quarantine mandates pass away.

“If it works, then I think people will see that and hear that. If you can work in bad times, then you’re probably going to work in good times.” he said.

Schuman urged partners to practice resiliency and empathy.

“Remember, we’re all in this together. Stress and uncertainty are guaranteed, but how we respond to both is a choice we make. Leaders and companies will make or break the trust their team has in them over the next few weeks based on their actions. Be flexible, be kind, be resilient and lead by example and with empathy,” he said.

Murray said February and March have represented a watershed moment in the channel. For him, it has answered the question of our industry’s value.

“For a while people wondered if the channel really mattered. We would do NPS scoring for our employees and even externally to partners, and a lot of the time there was this sense that we were not really contributing to society,” he said.

But the tide has undeniably turned as partners now are functioning as essential guides in an age of rapid technology transformation. For the average small business, spinning up a remote workforce is a do-or-die proposition.

“Look, we’re not the grocery store workers, and we’re not health care professionals that are the true heroes, but we matter right now,” Murray said. “And people should be proud of that, and they should keep looking out for each other.”

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