Facilis Global Rolls Out First Global Partner Program


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Facilis Global, the meeting software provider, is targeting resellers with the launch of its first partner program.

The company’s solution, Mybys, includes screen sharing, instant messaging, file sharing and video conferencing. Service providers can deploy their screen sharing application to thousands of customers and tens of thousands of users with minimal deployment support. Facilis now offers this solution in a white-label format.

Leading the new program is André Gilbert, who has joined Facilis as its vice president of partnerships. He has built global reseller channels for B2B technologies for more than 20 years. He previously was business development adviser at DeltaCrypt Technologies.

Facilis Andre Gilbert

Facilis’ André Gilbert

“The product was developed a few years ago, deployed successfully within our customer base of 1,000 customers and 20,000 users in the last 18 months, and it is now ready for mass deployment through channel partners,” Gilbert said.

Facilis tested its deployment model with one partner, made the necessary adjustments, and this is a new initiative for the company and the market, he said.

We recently compiled a list of 20 top UCaaS providers offering products and services via channel partners.

Our model aims at mass deployment for a small fee,” Gilbert said. “As an example, VoIP users that are sold around $16-18 dollars per month can now benefit from unlimited screen sharing for only $1 a month. This is unheard of since meeting software are usually sold one customer at a time for $15-20 a user.”

Target markets for the Mybys solution are service providers that can offer UCaaS services to their audio services customers. Reseller partners are audio conferencing service providers, telecom services and VoIP providers.

“The team at Facilis developed a highly relevant solution for phone service providers, which will allow them to increase customer retention and enter new clients with a great UCaaS value proposition,” Gilbert said. “Leading this new initiative is really exciting for me, for there is real, tangible value for all stakeholders: our reseller partners and their customers.”

“Mybys … is not a replacement to advanced collaboration software that include scheduling, automatic email notifications, groups management and many more, but it is a complementary, simple tool for in-house, peer-to-peer teamwork or simple on-demand connections with external stakeholders,” said Alain Neron, Facilis’ CEO. “User base includes large government and corporate workforce, and also SMEs and home-based self-employed communities. This is an exciting time for us to introduce this system to the mass market and Andre shall successfully lead this initiative.”

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