BullsEye Upgrades Managed Wi-Fi with Arista Networks

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BullsEye Telecom has forged a partnership to deliver its Managed Wi-Fi offering through Arista Networks, the provider of networks for data center and cloud computing environments.

BullsEye said it tested several solutions and selected Arista because of its security, multiple access models and deployment model. The solution also includes a built-in firewall that supports segmentation and isolation of guest Wi-Fi traffic from private internal networks designed to further simplify Payment Card Industry Data Security (PCI DSS) compliance.

Clayton Banka, BullsEye product engineer, tells Channel Partners that Managed Wi-Fi expands his company’s product offerings for its partners. This is a replacement service to what BullEye previously offered and an upgraded solution for its customers, he said.

BullsEye Telecom's Clayton Banka

BullsEye Telecom’s Clayton Banka

“For today’s businesses, having Wi-Fi available to consumers is becoming essential — they expect it,” he said. “Managed Wi-Fi is a solution that many clients request and now our partners have it in their arsenal.”

Additional features include: automated troubleshooting, advanced telemetry and Wi-Fi optimization for critical applications.

Arista uses a security feature known as wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) with its access points. With a third radio acting as a dedicated WIPS sensor, wireless threats are detected and blocked. Its CloudVision Wi-Fi applications detect network connectivity, create alerts and classify wireless threats, according to BullsEye.

In addition, Arista’s Wi-Fi allows networks to learn, predict, protect and progress. With a focus on analytics, including the presence and behavior of Wi-Fi devices, the system’s analytics provide business intelligence through root-cause analysis and problem-solving resolution options that reduce network troubleshooting time and effort.

“When it comes to being able to provide all the solutions a customer wants, it allows our partners to provide a full suite of services,” Banka said. “Wi-Fi is a forever evolving communication medium with new standards and options coming out all the time. We expect our partnership with Arista to be long term and will provide enhancements and functionality as the market grows.”

BullsEye uses an outside-in approach when delivering solutions to our clients,” said Vilas Uchil, BullsEye’s vice president of engineering and technology. “When evaluating options, Arista was the clear leader to differentiate our Managed Wi-Fi service. We have received extremely positive responses to the product from clients.”

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