Gargantuan CenturyLink Contract, Windstream Bonuses Led the Week in Channel



Telarus enjoyed a busy week of hiring, awards and partnerships.

The master agent drew attention Thursday when it announced the appointment of one of the channel’s best-known contact center experts. We covered the Telarus hire, as well as news about two of its partners.

We also wrote about two of the industry’s most influential companies. Our stories about CenturyLink and Windstream contain eye-popping dollar amounts. One amount is for a customer contract, and the other is for an executive bonus plan.

Scroll through the mini-stories below to see the most interesting stories from the past week.

7. CenturyLink Gets Massive Federal Contract

CenturyLink scored big with the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The service provider will deliver network services and IT modernization for the agency via a contract that runs through 2032. The department wants to upgrade its network and add several other services as well, including cybersecurity. The deal adds up to $1.6 billion. That’s right — $1.6 billion.

Key strategic alliance partners (one of which CenturyLink named) will help with the efforts.

Edward Gately has the scoop.

6. Cato Networks Study Exposes SD-WAN Security, Agility Concerns

Cato’s report found that 74% of companies with SD-WAN are now less confident in their network confidence after completing a digital transformation project.

The secure access service edge provider shared results from its Networking in 2020 Study, which compared the confidence levels of businesses whose networks are comprised of MPLS, MPLS and internet-based VPN, SD-WAN or a secure access service edge (SASE) platform.

See more of the study’s findings.

5. Telarus Honors Another $1 Million Partner

Complete Communications became the second partner to earn $1 million monthly with Utah-based master agent‘s suppliers.

Complete has partnered with Telarus for nine years and won several awards, but the recent recognition places it in a unique category alongside fellow $1 million partner Streamline Communications.

Learn more about Complete Communications.

4. Poly Puts BlackBerry Vet in Charge of Global Sales

Poly has a new executive vice president, chief revenue officer and global head of sales.

Carl Wiese serves in all three roles, bringing along his 30-plus years of enterprise technology experience. Wiese, who began advising the Poly sales team in December, will familiarize himself with the company’s teams and partners and working to build new programs.

“I’m dedicated to maintaining Poly’s commitments to providing premium service and solutions, and serving as a trusted advocate for our partners and customers,” he said.

Read the article.

3. Bankruptcy Likely ‘Only Way Out’ For Frontier Communications

The telecom services provider may turn to chapter 11 bankruptcy to handle a $17.5 billion debt load.

Frontier, which must cough up $356 million in debt payments by March 15, is trying to negotiate a deal with its creditors. According to one analyst, bankruptcy appears to be an unavoidable route.

Frontier told customers that they will not experience any changes.

Learn more abut Frontier’s situation.

2. Intelisys Vet Rejoins Master Agent Channel, Brings Contact Center Experience to Telarus

Telarus was a big winner in this week’s news cycle as it snagged a prominent channel veteran.

Brandon Knight will serve as the master’s head contact center evangelist. The vice president of business development for contact center ran Intelisys’ contact center practice before moving to vendor Serenova. Knight said Telarus stood apart from other master agents because of its investment in the contact center market.

Check out Knight’s Q&A with Channel Partners.

1. Windstream to Award Nearly $19 Million in Executive Bonuses Amid Bankruptcy

The embattled carrier may give its CEO a bonus of up to $9.5 million in the upcoming year.

Windstream earned court approval for its 2020 executive incentive plan, which offers multimillion-dollar bonuses to five of its top leaders. The company said the leaders face “severe business pressures” from the bankruptcy, as well as general market competition.

Read Edward Gately’s story.


  1. Avatar Tommy Flint January 25, 2020 @ 11:23 am

    Century Link and windstream are the worst companies with the most incompetent customer service I’ve ever dealt with in my life!!!!!!! Sounds like a fitting company for the govt to partner with…… If they’re getting 1.6 billion dollars how about they use that to expand their high speed services 5 to 10 miles outside of the city limits of pittsboro nc! It’s only been over 20 here without an upgrade past dial up!!!!!!!!!

  2. Avatar Bruce Devido January 25, 2020 @ 2:14 pm


  3. Avatar Rachel January 25, 2020 @ 2:21 pm

    When a company is facing bankruptcy its CEOs should not be getting millions in bonuses. That is just wrong! Now I know why my Windstream bill is over $100 a month!

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