Colotraq Revamps Sourcing Platform, Adds Commission Features


Commission research

Colotraq added commission management to its sourcing software.

DCITRAQ, which the master agent uses to help partners find the right data center infrastructure (DCI) vendor for a customer, now tracks and reports commissions information.

Colotraq's Dany Bouchedid

Colotraq/Aluf’s Dany Bouchedid

“This latest release puts both historical and real-time revenue and commissions statements throughout the project life cycle right at the fingertips of our channel partners,” Colotraq Founder and CEO Dany Bouchedid said. “Our channel partners will get automatic notifications when we have been paid as well as when and how much they can expect in commissions.”

Colotraq launched DCITRAQ in 2017. The software matches project requirements to vendor capabilities and maps out comparison charts. It also features an integrated CRM platform. Agents can privately brand the software.

“As an additional layer of educating and empowering our clients on the various service offerings of our vendors, the system has a fully integrated Knowledge Base that allows clients and agents to view all sorts of content such as sales and marketing collateral, whitepapers, events, promotions among other content that our vendors upload,” said Lou Peccoralo, Colotraq’s chief operating officer.

Colotraq provides colocation, cloud cybersecurity and networking services. The company says its network includes more than 400 service providers.

The private equity firm Aluf Holdings acquired Colotraq earlier this year and tapped Bouchedid as its CEO. Check out a recent article from Bouchedid about the evolution of the data center.

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