Robin Robins: Cracking the Code of Successful MSP Marketing

Robin Robins at 2019 Channel Partners Evolution pre-conference.

…80 percent of it is under $1 million in revenue so they’re just basically whatever kind of floats their way, easy money. They’re not going out and getting it. Every report that’s out there shows the managed services industry is going to grow, and so you can get a job, you can make enough to make a living if you want to just stay small, if somebody wants to do that. But I’m telling you there’s a lot of opportunity out there, but they have to engineer a plan to do marketing and get the business because it’s not just going to fall in their lap.”

The four foundational pillars of great IT services marketing plans are:

  • Establishing a quarterly business review (QBR) process to sell to existing customers, which involves sitting down with customers and discussing current service levels and future needs.
  • Establishing a process for inbound lead handing that includes inbound lead to close.
  • A ‘”drip” campaign to stay in front of clients and prospects because not everybody wants to buy.
  • Weekly prospecting marketing, such as direct-mail telemarketing, trade show canvassing or social media, to stay in front of clients and prospects.

“From my experience, almost no MSP has a good customer relationship management (CRM) system,” Robins said. “They have no way of capturing the referrals that come their way. They are getting inbound leads, they are getting referrals, but they’re not capturing it, and putting it someplace and following up. And because of that, they’re bleeding out opportunity.”

And establishing an effective marketing plan doesn’t take a ton of money, “but you do need to know how to do it,” she said.

“We teach them the strategy so when they go spend $1 on marketing, they can get $10 back preferably tomorrow and they have to know how to do that. Before they go hiring marketing people, before they go hiring agencies and start buying ads, they actually have to know how it works,” she said.

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