D&H Partners Highlight These 3 Techs as Customers’ Top Priorities

D&H Distributing Mid-Atlantic 2019

… all things technical,” said Boyd. “Clients want good security, especially involving email, phishing attempts and new viruses. They want to be able to send files in a secure way. And some SMBs want systems redundancy, with some embracing moving their stuff to the cloud.”

Computer Pros' Joshua Boyd

Computer Pros’ Josh Boyd

Other clients have been asking for help providing access to business data for remote workers, he said. That has given his company new opportunities for applications-as-a-service offerings, he explained.

“As companies continue to become more device-agnostic, you have to be able to give employees a way to access applications from their devices, whether it is a Chromebook, a Mac, a PC or a tablet,” said Boyd.

His company is doing that by moving the applications to the Azure cloud and then giving users remote access.

“We take the application and make it into a web app, so any devices can access it,” Boyd said.

D&H Distributing, which recently posted strong financial results for fiscal year 2019, has announced a new initiative to help its channel partners look for new ways to bring in recurring revenue by branching into managed services and other cloud services that could raise revenue for participating partners. In 2018, D&H celebrated its 100th year in business.

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