Cato WAN Study: Telcos Failing to Meet Customers’ Agility, Service, Pricing Needs

Meeting Frustration

… the same in 2019.

Cato Networks Study

Courtesy: Cato Networks “Telcos and the Future of the WAN in 2019”

“I think enterprises are looking for a solution that is easy to deliver, agile and cost-effective — all of those things that we want in a service but haven’t been able to get from a telco,” Greenfield said.

Cato’s study puts forward cloud service providers as the logical alternative to telcos. Cloud application providers and cloud data center providers earned overall customer scores of 3.71 and 3.70, respectively, from respondents. Global telcos scored 3.24.
It’s worth noting that Cato describes itself as a cloud-native, managed SD-WAN provider.

Greenfield said cloud providers provide the aforementioned agility that’s lacking. The reliance on cloud data software as opposed to appliances allows for a quicker introduction of new features and more flexible network growth.

Cato found that, for 70% of respondents, ransomware/malware is a chief concern. The next two problems are enforcing mobile security policies (49%) and the cost of buying new security tools (45%).

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