Crowd Machine Rolls Out First Partner Program


Roll Out Dough

Crowd Machine, an enterprise-grade, no-code app development platform, has launched its first partner program to accelerate its presence in the market.

The Crowd Machine Partner Network (CMPN) gives partners tools, resources and incentives to be go-to partners for enterprises seeking consulting, application development and implementation assistance.

James Hanley, Crowd Machine‘s COO, tells Channel Partners his company has had elements of a program in place that led to a handful of early stage partnerships, but this represents a fully developed partner strategy and program.

Crowd Machine's James Hanley

Crowd Machine’s James Hanley

“The company desires to accelerate its presence in the market on the back of some key wins in the enterprise customer space,” he said. “In addition, the company has a strategy to expand its market presence and market share through a partner model (versus direct). We are encouraging partners to train people on the Crowd Academy (Crowd Machine’s online training program), thus enabling them to write new applications with the no-code solution and share in the subsequent revenue stream.”

The program has four tiers and is geared toward referral, sales, reseller and ISV partners, Hanley said.

“The latter two types of partners have significantly more to gain in margin and long-term revenue streams, and are the focus of the program because they bring resources and customer relationships to the partnership, as well as Crowd Machine being focused on digital transformation with rapid agile app development, which make the partners a key enabler for success,” he said.

Here’s our most recent list of important channel-program changes you should know.

Crowd Machine’s technology allows partners to build and continue to modify solutions, helping to build CMPN partners’ businesses, in parallel to helping their enterprise end customers meet their own business goals.

“The partnership with Crowd Machine eliminates some significant barriers,” Hanley said. “The nature of the Crowd Machine platform, technology and offering is that long lead times for application development are eliminated, the need for expensive programmer resources is reduced, and the opportunity for continuing long-term revenue streams is enabled.”

Partner benefits, including discounts and increased incentives, vary between the tiers. All tiers include recurring multiyear incentives for opportunities converted to a sale. The program also provides guidance and resources for partners to differentiate themselves in their industries, according to the company. From technical assistance, to sales and marketing enablement, partners build a sustainable business model while also reaching new customers.

“Appsolutely has been working exclusively with Crowd Machine’s technology for the last few months, and is delighted now for the opportunity to become an official partner — managing development projects and seeing the system rolled out in the United Kingdom and beyond,” said Tom Hall, Appsolutely’s founder and CEO. “We already see a strong demand for Crowd Machine apps given the significant reduction in costs and lead times associated with building and running SaaS products. Having spent some time getting to know the platform, we’re really impressed with what it can do, and can’t wait to make use of forthcoming upgrades such as the Crowd Computer and no-code smart contracts.”


  1. Avatar Jonas Huntington May 3, 2019 @ 12:11 am

    Crowd Machine (CMCT) allegedly involved in the orchestration of yet another fraudulent token sale that raised more than $45million from thousands of investors in 2017/18

    Leaked information states that the founders gave deceptive information concerning the company and product behind the token. They made claims that their platform and “Crowd Computer” provides ‘cloud computing’, however, the platform is operating on AWS services.

    According to the sources this was not true as the company in fact had no proprietary technology.

    Additionally, the information reveals that the team behind the project was made up of fictional executives with impressive biographies and that it issued false or misleading marketing materials.

    The preliminary report is expected to be released in the coming weeks.

  2. Avatar Edgar May 10, 2019 @ 7:22 am

    The CMCT Theft / Hack and subsequent token market dump on 22 September 2018 resulted in a huge price drop with most crypto exchanges suspending CMCT trading. The CMCT Team went out with a statement, giving very little information of the nature of the hack due to CMCT working with the local law enforcement authorities and not to jeopardize the investigation, which lead to controversies and some commentators even falsely accusing the company of orchestrating an inside job etc. However, the CMCT Felony Criminal Complaint has been released online, which exonerates the CMCT Team and proves that the company was hacked and that one of the criminals, Joseph Harris was arrested in October 2018, and charged with 4 felony counts related to SIM swapping, including stealing $14M from CMCT.
    Take note the following reply on Telegram:
    •There was only one ico token (CMCT) sale which started on 1 April 2018 and was cut short due to market conditions which raised an amount of $23,605,727.
    •It is true that CMCT promised cloud computing via the crowd machine and that they are currently using AWS services. However, their roadmap states that “at this time, the Agoric Nodes are in beta and ACN development is underway. The intention of the Crowd Computer is to provide our customers with three implementation offerings – centralized Public Cloud, centralized Private Cloud and Decentralized Cloud.” In addtion, their updated white paper states that “the Crowd Computer is designed to utilize the world’s spare processor and memory capacity to create a decentralized cloud network”.
    •Both the key executives, Craig Sproule and Kurt Pfluger were KYC verified by at the time of the ico.

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