AT&T Partners Reap Security Benefits of Box Partnership

Security Partnership

AT&T Cybersecurity integrated Box’s cloud content management features into its unified security management offering.

Kisielius, Julia_Alienvault

AT&T’s Julia Kisielius

AlienApp for Box goes inside the AlienVault USM Anywhere offering to provide granular logging capabilities and APIs. AT&T Cybersecurity joined the Box Technology Partner Program to help the companies’ shared customers.

AT&T Cybersecurity comes from AT&T’s purchase of AlienVault.

Julia Kisielius, AT&T Cybersecurity’s senior product marketing manager, writes that the partnership will bring new security insights into Box Enterprise accounts. The result could be a reduced number of security dashboards and a more streamlined security and compliance process, she said.

“With the AlienApp for Box, you can monitor your Box Enterprise environments within the same pane of glass as the rest of your critical IT assets in the cloud and on-premises. AlienVault USM Anywhere centralizes security monitoring across SaaS apps, public cloud and on-premises environments, and remote locations,” Kisielius said.

“Box is committed to bringing secure, centralized cloud content management solutions to its customers,” said Niall Wall, Box’s senior vice president of partners. “We are excited to deepen our relationship with AT&T, who is already a reseller of Box, through this new AlienApp integration. Together, Box and AT&T Cybersecurity will provide a deeper level of threat detection controls to protect an enterprise’s most valuable information.”

The Box environment insights include group and application assignment, authentication events, and updated user profiles and users states. The team from AT&T Alien Labs team provides threat intelligence.

AT&T Partner Exchange and Alliance Channel Members have access to the new enhancement, as it is built into all subscriptions to the USM Anywhere platform. Members of Partner Exchange and Alliance Channel got access to the portfolio last Fall.

AT&T acquired AlienVault last year and later renamed the unit AT&T Cybersecurity.

Read the blog about the partnership.


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