Meet the Finalists for Our Inaugural Excellence in Digital Services Awards

The Finalists

Next-Gen Telecom Award

For excellence in delivering telecommunications and collaboration capabilities, including client/user support.

Finalists are:

Purveyor of Productivity

For excellence in helping customers wring maximum value our of their investments in people, systems and technology.

Finalists are:

  • Aureon
  • Bridlewood Consulting
  • One Ring Networks
  • SabinoCompTech
  • UPnetworx

Visionary Award

For partners that employed newer, cutting-edge technologies including machine learning, AI, virtual or augmented reality, blockchain or IoT as the primary enablers of their solutions.

Finalists are:

White Hat Award

Partners who protect customers from cyberthreats; also includes physical security such as video-survelliance projects.

Finalists are:

Two additional awards will also be presented for special achievement among all applicants. Vertical Virtuoso recognizes excellence in retail, health care or another vertical. Digi Master is awarded for the partner entry that exhibited maximum digital transformational brilliance.

The awards are open only to channel partners — agents, VARs, dealers, SIs, MSPs, consultants and other partner firms. Partners can enter a project from the previous year in as many as two categories. There is no limit to the number of individual projects that may be entered or the overall number of awards partners can win.

Judging for the 2019 awards was done by the Channel Partners editorial team, with help from members of the Channel Partners Advisory Board.

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