BCN, MasterStream Deepen Agreement

Tools and automation

BCN improved its broadband services via its MasterStream ERP partnership.

MasterStream is integrating a quoting module into BCN’s platform. Their expanded agreement will streamline BCN partners’ quoting process for selling broadband services.

Jacquez, Julian_BCN

BCN’s Julian Jacquez

“By bringing this new module into our already robust MasterStream tool, BCN sales partners will see an immediate acceleration in our ability to quickly and efficiently quote single-location and multilocation broadband opportunities throughout the U.S. and Canada,” said Julian Jacquez, BCN’s president and chief operating officer. “Fast turnaround with up-to-the-minute pricing results enables our sales partners to move quickly to address customer needs and close deals, taking the partner and customer experience to a new level.”

Clark, Matt_MasterStream

MasterStream’s Matt Clark

“When BCN looked to differentiate their broadband product offering to make it easier for their sales partners and customers to do business, we were glad to be the trusted partner they turned to,” MasterStream President Matt Clark said. “Our collaboration on this project with the BCN team speaks to the longevity and quality of our working relationship and we are incredibly proud of the results. We love to see single and bulk quoting capabilities make a difference for their internal teams, sales partners, and most importantly BCN customers.”

BCN, previously referred to as BCN Telecom, now offers 15 network solutions and aims to add new technology partners in 2019. The company partners with a lengthy list of broadband providers, including AT&T, Cable One and Mediacom. BCN aggregates those companies’ various services to serve multi-location customers. SD-WAN key component of the company’s multi-location strategy. BCN resells Windstream Wholesale’s respective offering.

BCN last week announced a partnership with Canadian telco Telus Corp in an effort to meet the needs of customers who have locations in Canada.

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