Check Point CEO: Prevention, Not Detection, Will Stop Cyber Theives

Check Point's Gil Shweb on stage at CPX360 2019.

… Infinity architecture, which provides “customers and partners with all necessary elements needed to cope with these challenges,” Rembaum said.

“We need to recognize the threats we have,” he added. “We are going along with you on this journey as fast as we can.”

Check Point now is working on implementing sixth-generation architecture and then will introduce sixth-generation products, Shweb said.

Pascal Fortin, president of GoSecure, an MSSP, said Shweb was on point by emphasizing prevention over detection.

“When we say ‘prevent,’ we need to mean ‘defend.’ I want to prevent it not from just executing something bad on my infrastructure; I want to prevent it from ever getting there,” he said. “There [are] a number of ways that Check Point has innovated … and they continue to do … spectacular things in this space. And it is never going to be over. There will never be an end-all to that. … Check Point has coherently and cohesively built an ecosystem of technologies that work to affect security change in organizations, and if clients are willing to implement the features … they will get a net increase in security value.”

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