Comcast Juices Up SD-WAN as Spectrum Plans Release

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… Comcast’s DOCSIS 3.1 gigabit broadband.

“We think marrying gig-powered broadband with SDN makes networks future-proof, and so that is our core messaging to customers — that we’re in the business of making your network future-proof,” Hagemann said.

She said part of the “future-proof” element is its flat bandwidth fee, contrasted with “bandwidth-dependent” rivals customers whose varying rates make budgeting less predictable for the customer.

“At the lower end of the market you could see a $90-$100 price point, but then if you grow in bandwidth … then your SD-WAN fees go up,” she said. “We just have a flat rate, whether it’s two gigs or 10 megs or 100 megs, the pricing is all the same.”

Pressed about Oracle’s acquisition of SD-WAN vendor Talari Networks, Hagemann said she has not assessed the deal as impacting Comcast thus far; however, she believes “the market demands consolidation.”

“We believe it to be very crowded at the moment,” she said. “From a Comcast perspective, we continue to expect consolidation in the space and that certain SD-WAN providers will be bought by other companies, and that’s how the competition will evolve.”

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