Giga Data Centers’ Latest Colo Facility to Go Live in February

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… how other vendors are building new facilities, he said. What’s different is the speed in which customers can get started with the company’s new colocation facility, added Tan.

“At the end of the day, people want lower-cost data centers that can be deployed fast,” he said. “Giga has hit on the key pain points that companies are having,” such as needing lower costs and higher density facilities, which can’t be done by older, traditional data centers.

At the same time, Giga’s choice of the suburban Charlotte location is also innovative, he said.

“Most modular data providers are locating in major metro areas or in very remote locations. I think Giga is unique because [it is] choosing an interesting market in North Carolina that is between major markets in Northern Virginia, Atlanta and Charlotte.”

For potential customers, the decision will be all about their use cases, said Tan

“There’s room for providers who cater to different environments. This won’t be for everyone. The kind of customer that would be ideal for them would be a customer running high-density workloads that need to process these compute environments close to their own data centers and at low cost.”

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