Cyxtera Extensible Data Center Platform Expanding to More Cities


… the bandwidth they want and can have a node up and running in an hour or can add new nodes to a cluster, said Barnett.

“To me, that’s a game changer and makes colocation public cloud-like,” he said. “I can sell a customer whatever they need on the fly. It makes it easier and faster to sell.”

Another major benefit for users of the CXD services is the bulletproof nature of the product, said Barnett. “This is being managed by professionals who are experts at it, so I don’t have to worry about turnover in my organization” by IT staffers who might leave him shorthanded.

“We can provision it quickly and its secure from Cyxtera,” he said. “From an operations perspective, it’s simplified what we do. We no longer have to be concerned about provisioning hardware or racks. If we need bandwidth can just add it. From a customer perspective, it allows us to have more focus on their applications and operations at all times, which makes our service to customers better.”

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