Nutanix Rolls Out Enhanced Channel Charter

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Nutanix is enhancing its channel charter to include value-added distributors (VADs) and global systems integrators (GSIs), and added more opportunities for resellers.

This comes on the heels of the company announcing a partnership with Intel to allow GSIs and VADs to gain more autonomy and deliver their own branded hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. Nutanix launched the new charter, Power to the Partner, in August, focusing on providing partners with a “unique and beneficial program framework distinct from traditional programs,” according to the company.

Nutanix's Rodney Foreman

Nutanix’s Rodney Foreman

Rodney Foreman, Nutanix‘s vice president of global channel sales, tells Channel Partners that the charter prompted “overwhelmingly positive feedback from our partners around the innovative framework and tiering system, as well as the opportunities the charter can provide them to help grow their Nutanix business.”

“However, we’ve also received feedback from our partners that they wanted to see the tenants and benefits of the charter extended to our VADs and GSIs,” he said. “We listened closely and realized that in order to continue our mission of rewarding all partners based on their investments in Nutanix, we needed to extend the benefits further.”

Nutanix has laid out features with access to incentives to help VADs capitalize on the multicloud, multiplatform and multi-workload opportunities in the market. Distributors now can use multiple resources throughout the sales life cycle, and can grow and improve their businesses alongside Nutanix.

Benefits for VADs under the enhanced program include: a self-service channel for quoting and ordering with a new value-added distributor price book; electronic data interchange (EDI) integration with quote-to-cash automation; and new incentives to reward VADs for focus, enablement and partner management at the Pioneer level within Nutanix’s largest-selling geographies.

Here’s our most recent list of important channel-program changes you should know.

Power to the Partner also includes a new influence incentive program, which rewards partners who significantly contribute to a customer purchase. Partners with strategic relationships and influence with customers who might not be transacting on the sale of a deal now can receive an influencer incentive if they are scalers, masters or authorized GSI partners.

“We’ve also heard from resellers that with the level of investment in training and resourcing needed from them to achieve the highest tiers, they wanted to ensure the level of benefits at the highest tiers would provide even greater rewards,” Foreman said. “Because of this feedback, we’ve now clarified distinctions between the reseller-partner tiers in the charter and are rolling out enhanced benefits that become greater by tier level. Partners will now have discounting and pricing on approved opportunities which are enhanced as they move up the tiers of the charter. We are also launching a new program called XLAB, which provides VARs with free Nutanix software licenses on a variety of products for proof of concepts (POCs), demos, training and development of value-add solutions.”

Traditionally in the channel, partners can feel that they “aren’t properly equipped by vendors to carry out deals, and when they do, they’re not properly recognized for their work,” he said.

“Our channel charter – and the enhancements – seek to remedy this concern by allowing partners to receive proper training and proper recognition for their efforts,” Foreman said. “Unlike many vendors, we include our partners on our internal training, and the enhancements have only capitalized on this effort.”

“Since the beginning of our partnership, Tech Data and Nutanix have consistently been able to deliver business value and execute joint initiatives to the benefit of our partners,” said Cheryl Neal, Tech Data‘s vice president of data and networking solutions. “We’ve been pleased with the partnership and the multitude of resources that are available from Nutanix, and we’re certain we will be able to expand our relationship even further with access to more benefits from the channel charter.”

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