Master Agent WTG to Be Bought by AppDirect, Merge With NeoCloud


…digital solutions,” Nettesheim said. “The partner value is found within guiding customers to aligning platforms and integrating the variant solution sets to meet their customers’ needs.”

AppDirect President and Co-CEO Daniel Saks has advocated for the channel, noting that the personal and relational side of business should not be overlooked in the midst of a technological revolution.

“Businesses won’t just buy technology from a website; they buy technology from people they trust,” he said at Channel Partners’ Las Vegas conference earlier this year. “The biggest thing we realized is, how do we build the tools and technologies to enable you — the channel of resellers — to best help your customer through this shift to digital transformation?”

WTG made the announcement at its Holiday Event in Rancho Mirage, California. The master agent is well known for its unique energy portfolio, but has been building its arsenal of technology partnerships this year. WTG has made strides in connectivity, deepening its partnership with Bigleaf Networks for SD-WAN earlier this year. A recently expanded agreement with Sprint gave it new IoT solutions, and WTG has also partnered with SaaS marketing provider Vivial.

“The customer’s needs have changed dramatically, and if you leave solutions on the table, we’re not going to do as much business,” Bradley told partners in October.

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  1. Avatar Vince Bradley December 6, 2018 @ 8:58 am

    As part of my new role, I am excited that I will be leading the acquisition of master agents. If you are a master who is interested in an exit strategy, please contact me:

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