Survey: Partners Diversifying Their Cybersecurity Portfolios


Partners are moving toward adding more diverse and comprehensive cybersecurity offerings to their portfolios, but limited knowledge and budget constraints are the top barriers to deployment for SMBs.

That’s according to Untangle‘s Voice of the Channel Security Survey, which polled 100 channel partners to see what they experienced this year and what lies ahead in security for the channel.

Untangle's Heather Paunet

Untangle’s Heather Paunet

Heather Paunet, Untangle’s vice president of product management, tells Channel Partners the most surprising trend  in the survey was more than 57 percent of the channel are “eager and ready to move to cloud services, for better security and performance, but their clients often struggle with this change due to lack of budget, trust and understanding.”

“Channel partners play a key role in providing network security solutions to SMBs with limited resources and budget,” she said. “With cyberattacks expected to increase in 2019, the channel must stay ahead of emerging threats by providing effective network security solutions that are affordable and easy to manage. When considering vendors to partner with, researching and testing out solutions is key to finding the right one for your business.”

Ninety-nine percent of partners indicated that cybersecurity as an overall part of their business will increase or stay the same in 2019, while 80 percent believe that their cybersecurity revenue will increase in 2019.

“The survey found that the channel is moving toward adding more and more security solutions to their portfolios, as a way to address the ever evolving threat landscape and provide a layered approach to cybersecurity,” Paunet said.

Malware, ransomware and phishing were the top attack vectors that clients faced this year, and ransomware, data breaches, phishing and security exploits are the top threats the channel believes they will face in 2019.

Forty-three percent of clients reported phishing attacks before a breach occurred, indicating that clients are becoming better at identifying cyberattacks and taking proactive steps to educate employees and report attempts before they can cause damage, according to the survey.

Some 85 percent of respondents have high or medium confidence that their web filtering, endpoint security and firewall/unified threat management (UTM) solutions will protect their clients from data breaches in 2019. Distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation, identity and access management, as well as risk and compliance management, all scored less than 70 percent in high or medium confidence.

“Channel partners are essential in getting proper security solutions into the hands of SMBs, so it’s crucial that we understand their customers and barriers to adoption,” said Scott Devens, Untangle’s CEO. “As we expected, cost and a lack of manpower are key pain points when it comes to security for both SMBs and channel partners. However, we were surprised to learn that more and more customers are becoming savvy to phishing attacks.”

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