At re:Invent, AWS Announces Services with Open Source, IoT Focus

Ambrose Lockheed Martin at AWS reInvent 2018

… twofold. First, he announced a new service: AWS Ground Station. Created based on customer demand, Ground Station is a fully managed, pay-as-you-go service that lets customers control satellite communications, downlink and process satellite data, and scale their satellite operations quickly, and easily without having to worry about building or managing their own ground station infrastructure. Jassy said that customers can save up to 80 percent of their ground station costs by using the service.

Rick Ambrose, EVP of space systems at Lockheed Martin (pictures above), presented the second surprise: a partnership between the two companies that lets Lockheed’s new Virtual Resilient Ground (VERGE) network of low-cost antennas stream data to the AWS Cloud, where the streams are assembled and processed. An experimental network of ten antenna units, each measuring about one square foot, is deployed in the Denver area. Ambrose said that Lockheed plans its own constellation of cube satellites and will offer their use as a service which is compatible with AWS Ground Station.

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