Oracle to Buy SD-WAN Vendor Talari Networks


… Talari had a defensible enough position in the market not to need a buyer. He said the SD-WAN market likely could not support more than four organic companies — but he counted Talari in that list.

“We’ve been around for 10 years. We have a very large installed base. We have over 9,000 deployments. So organically, we can become large enough to be independent for a long time, expand product lines and things like that,” he said. ” But there’s no question about it; some number of companies are going to be bought. Companies like Talari could eventually be purchased. Other companies will have to be purchased, and that’s where you really divide the line. ”

Ben Niernberg said he wasn’t surprised to see Talari become the object of consolidation, but he didn’t expect it quite this soon. He thought Silver Peak Systems would be next. Both companies have been cemented within the top six spots on this year’s SD-WAN leaderboards.

Who might make the next acquisition? Niernberg said HPE might be considering a purchase, but the wide diversity of entrants into the SD-WAN market makes it anyone’s guess. Companies from security, telecommunications and cloud communications are making a massive “land grab” for SD-WAN supremacy, Niernberg said. And he said the land grab is happening more quickly than we expected.

“The world revolves at the edge, and there’s a play for those who own it,” he said.

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