AT&T, Verizon Battle in 5G ‘Cage Match’ at PlanetOne Event

Ted Schuman PlanetOne Year-End 2018

… IoT is “exploding and here to stay, and some won’t require 5G.”

Blood said 5G is not just about speed, but also the ability to connect more devices in one area.

You’ve got to get involved,” he said. “Lean on us, we will send people to your meetings, your offices [to] help you make those sales. You’re providing them the next technology that is going to make their lives easier.”

During the conference, 8×8, Frontier Communications, Spectrum and Expereo were named 2019 PlanetOne premier providers. In addition, the master agent named Mitel’s Kyle Walker as its first Channel Manager of the Year.

Michael Armstrong, Frontier Business’ director of alternate channel sales, said the premier partnership will allow his company to “leverage the strengths and longtime relationships that PlanetOne has been able to build over the years and bring our unique product sets to fill holes where they need us.”

“We have a lot of assets where they have subagents and other partners, so it’s a good, complimentary relationship,” he said. “We’ve been talking to them, and they see the value that we’ll bring and we see the value that they bring to us.”

Sumo Communications is a PlanetOne MSP partner, and Austin Holverson, it’s vice president of marketing, said the master agent really “fights for their partners, and we know that any escalation we bring up to them, they’re going to go above and beyond, and knock down any walls.”

Sumo made the Inc. 5000 list this year and “as PlanetOne has grown, we’ve grown along with them, and I think that contributes to the investments they make and their support, and their vendor relationships, and how they strategically align those with us,” Holverson said.

Ninety-Nine 90 Communications is a PlanetOne agent partner. Conner Moody, its founder and CEO, said the master agent has been his company’s biggest advocate “since day one.”

“Most people say, ‘Hey, bring me a big deal, bring me a great opportunity, we can partner together and let’s grow together,'” he said. “But PlanetOne actually saw my potential as a business before I even did, so that loyalty’s been there where I want to work with PlanetOne on everything because they have a lot more experience and they can bring in pre-and post-sale support for our business.”

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