RingCentral CEO: Cisco, Avaya, Mitel No Match for Born-in-Cloud

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…to leverage RingCentral open APIs to integrate with RingCentral cloud communications solutions, we are offering our customers access to broader AI services. This allows them to capture timely customer data and drive greater customer engagement and

RingCentral also announced the availability of the RingCentral mobile app, a reimagined collaboration-centric experience for enterprise communications, and RingCentral Engage, a digital customer engagement platform based on its recent acquisition of Dimelo.

Dave Sipes, RingCentral’s chief operating officer, said digital business transformation is being driven by changes in employee behaviors and customer behaviors, and “we’re enhancing that through modern communications.”

“Time is short, this is happening quickly and you don’t want to be a laggard toward it,” he said.

John Wernke, NICE inContact‘s vice president of channel marketing, said RingCentral’s strategy is similar to his company’s strategy. The company provides cloud contact center software.

“If you’re not born in the cloud, it’s really hard to get to the cloud, and that’s what we see with these companies that weren’t born in the cloud,” he said. “It’s a real struggle across not only product, but commission structures and payments, and how you manage your accounting and all sorts of things. It becomes very complicated. A lot of companies tried to make the shift 10 years ago and they hit the skids because that changeover from license revenue to subscription is a tough one to manage financially. So born in the cloud is the way to go.”

Eric Negherbon, SymbioSystems‘ national sales director, said RingCentral’s strategy is “full speed ahead and it makes sense.” The company provides managed services and offers virtual desktop interfaces.

“RingCentral offers not only the partners, but the customers an opportunity to migrate in the mainstream of the networking and the interplay communications versus the old Ciscos and Avayas, which tend to stick to what they know, but may not be as diverse or agile as a lot of customers and partners would like them to be,” he said. “RingCentral is a sound solution.”

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