RingCentral to Outline Latest Strategy at ConnectCentral 2018

RingCentral ConnectCentral 2018 Panel

… the pie with this offering.”

AGC Networks is an international system integrator with a long history of traditional premises-based models in VoIP.

“We started to see an opportunity probably a year ago with as-a-service deliverables, so we chose RingCentral … because of their ability to execute globally, which is what we needed,” said Scott Davis, its senior vice president of sales and marketing.

Ben Swanson, RingCentral channel sales director, is heading up the APAC and Australia expansion. There’s a national broadband network rolling out across Australia, “and as that’s rolling out in certain territories, is actually causing the switching off of circuit-based technology … and customers are needing to make a buying decision,” he said.

“We launched into Australia in May … and we’ve got more than 30-odd partners signed up with a master agent there on the ground and we’re really taking the market quickly by hand, and there’s a huge opportunity here to really capitalize on that investment,” he said. “Australia is a new market for RingCentral and it’s new partners for us overall. We’re starting in Sydney first, one of the largest economic zones there … and we’ve just expanded into Melbourne. We’re recruiting, enabling and supporting partners throughout the same Channel Harmony model that we have here in the United States. It’s proven to be very successful.”

Reliance Communications is an Australia-based telecom equipment supplier, and recently because partnering with RingCentral.

“We’ve been playing with it a little bit, and cautious to see what people are doing, and if they’ll still be here in three months, which they are, and to see where it’s embraced and to see what our clients think of it, and they think the world of it, and our own staff embraced it as well,” said George Minucos, Reliance’s managing director. “The cloud’s being embraced in Australia; the last year or two it’s starting to happen. Customers feel like that’s what they should be doing, which is a good thing.”

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