AT&T Business Celebrates ‘Breakthrough Bet’ on the Channel

Zee Hussain and Thaddeus Arroyo

… his very job on it. A year later, AT&T Business executives are seeing the yield.

“It was a breakthrough bet, and I sit here a year later with you and tell you that I don’t regret that at all,” Chow said. “In fact, I think we can do more.”

Four-Headed Monster

Hussain reiterated AT&T’s technological vision. To put it in brief: Fiber leads to 5G, 5G enables the internet of things, and the internet of things requires more security.

Mach Network's Don Ochoa

Mach Networks’ Don Ochoa

It’s a message Hussain has consistently delivered to partners.

One offering layered into that four-point vision is software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), which AT&T launched last year.

Mach Networks CEO Don Ochoa touched on the subject of SD-WAN, which has been his company’s fastest growing segment. Mach told the partner audience that wireless failover is one of the biggest selling points for the technology.

AT&T's Randall Porter

AT&T’s Randall Porter

“One thing is sure: Wireless WAN technology is changing our industry. Networks are getting faster. Latencies are getting lower,” Ochoa said. “Connectivity is getting more affordable, and frankly, solutions can be deployed in days – even hours – instead of weeks or months while you’re waiting for maybe a broadband connection to be installed.”

Randall Porter, vice president of AT&T Partner Exchange, also noted that backup is one of the big draws for SD-WAN. Although some of AT&T’s rival carriers have pushed SD-WAN as something of a standalone product, AT&T has touted its platform in a more holistic fashion.

“For us, it looks like big growth in AT&T Dedicated Internet Service and Shared Internet Service for backup and failover and LTE for backup and failover,” he said.

Porter took leadership of Partner Exchange last November, and he described his experience to Channel Partners in a Q&A earlier this year.


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