Silver Peak Overhauls Partner Program, Adding Incentives, Personnel


… whose direct and indirect efforts clashed.

“I can tell you that those customers are probably pretty frustrated about competing with a direct-selling organization,” O’Brien said. “While they’ll say, ‘We use the channel,’ that is competing internally for access to customers.”

And while channel conflict is a problem with the large vendors, O’Brien said another problem is specificity. He agreed with the sentiment that many vendors have jumped into the SD-WAN market not because they believe in their product, but because their product is a “defensive” play.

“The underlying reason is, we only do one thing, while all these other vendors out there are bolting [on] SD-WAN because of the defensive play of ‘I have to protect my install base of routers and switches and support MPLS lines and support for these rich, old networks that I’ve built over 20-30 years,'” he said.

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  1. Avatar Industry Onlooker November 6, 2018 @ 3:45 pm

    1. This company does direct deals…especially on larger ones, don’t pretend that you have a channel that you respect
    2. “We only do one thing” … “other vendors out there bolting on SD-WAN” … so what, your WAN Optimization is now called SDWAN? Your as much a bolt on as anyone else … don’t mislead readers

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