Dimension Data: Tough Times Ahead for OEMs

Challenges Ahead

… look very different.”

Other trends include:

  • Rapid growth in robotic process automation will give companies the ability to combine scenarios, increase understanding and make real-time predictive decisions about their customers’ needs and behaviors.
  • Regular high-profile cybersecurity breaches in 2018 will cause cloud-based security providers to gain traction in 2019.
  • Companies will start subscribing to multiple cloud platforms and increasing their use of SaaS.
  • Applications will gather input from users and make changes to their own functionality to improve the user experience.
  • Data will form the core of digital transformation and become the source of new revenue streams that will surpass traditional revenue streams.

“The concept of data value management will become one of the most important investment areas over the next three to five years due to its monetary value potential, but it will also become one of the major driving forces of investment to create more data,” Reinecke said. “Businesses have strived to become more digital in nature, but those that excel in managing the value of their data, re-engineering their business models and establishing new revenue streams, will become the true digital business heroes of the future.”

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