Barracuda: Pure-Play SD-WAN Vendors, Keep Your Paws Off My Firewall



… your connectivity to those offices becomes less expensive, and the more important it is that your firewall or something else can actually manage all those functions.”

SD-WAN achievements

Courtesy of Barracuda Networks

Barracuda gave an application to a group of doctors to help them upload and download files to a database. The doctors were frequently moving from hospital to hospital and struggling to connect to the database as they switched to new remote sites.

“Instead what they’ve done is given each doctor a firewall. It’s already secure. That firewall connects to a local firewall, and it goes up into the cloud,” Hookana said. “Yes, there’s a cost element to it, but the other part of it is just ease of connectivity.”

A Spring IHS Markit study also revealed how security is a driver for SD-WAN adoption. To read more about trends, see Kurt Marko’s recent report, “Beyond the Basics: How SD-WAN Is Evolving to Improve Performance and Reliability.”

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