RMM Suppliers Feel the Heat in Thunderdome


…cash in the bank, we invest in a long-term strategy,” Lippie noted. “We get inquiries about being acquired all the time. For now, however, our success is operating as a privately-owned company.

Panelists agreed that managed services and MSPs are on the cusp of bigger business opportunities. They all said admitted to being aware of the guy who’s in the garage building a company and product and of having a bull’s-eye on their backs.

Rae noted this his company is able to stay ahead via acquisitions. However, if the company doesn’t stay ahead of the curve ball with products — his company’s and others’ — they will soon be  be viewed as antiquated; that’s just the pace of the industry.

Addressing the issue of onboarding and support, each vendor lamented the fact that most MSPs take only take advantage of 20 to 40 percent of a product’s functionality, leaving a lot on the table.

These vendor’s onboarding process attempts to overcome this issue from the moment a MSP joins them. “We have a professional service team that takes over and puts together a plan with the partner before the technology is turned up,” Lippie said. Then there’s education and certifications, and ongoing support services.

Troy noted that the more time that MSPs invest in learning new tools, the better. “There are different flavors of implementation and it’s important to a partner’s success.” And then, there’s ConnectWise University for training and education.

Rae talked about Datto’s white-glove installation, 24/7 support, MDF and partner events.

The suppliers also talked about pricing models, such as month-to-month or contract. From their responses it was clear that multiple approaches to pricing are offered as the industry transitions.

For example, Kaseya doesn’t do month-to-month contracts. “We believe you should be signing your customers for a year,” said Lippie.

Customer demand for more monthly recurring pricing models is impacting the ways partner price, noted Troy, and includes a mixed bag of what’s in the monthly fee — per endpoint, per person, etc., or an all-encompassing monthly model.

When asked for the number one reason MSPs should use their services and products, each vendor gave a quick answer. For Datto, it was 100 percent channe/MSP focus. For Kaseya, efiiciency — every tool designed for be successful with the client. And ConnectWise cited its ecosystem and vendor members choice.

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