Riverbed’s Bisnette: DEM Helps You Prove the Value of Digital Initiatives

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CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION  – With your help, your customers are rolling out digital transformation initiatives. But how do your customers measure their customers’ digital experience? Can they measure the success of those digital initiatives? No? Then why would they agree to the next project?

What if there were a way to measure your customer’s digital experience? What if you could quantify the success of a digital transformation initiative it in the form of revenue, productivity and other key performance indicators (KPIs)? And, what if you could bring a new revenue stream to your business?

Well, you can, and it’s called digital experience monitoring (DEM). At today’s luncheon keynote, “Delivering a Great Digital Experience? Prove It.,” Bridget Bisnette, senior vice president, global channels and commercial sales at Riverbed Technology, explained DEM and how partners can lead the charge in implementation.

While there are many performance monitoring tools that measure aspects of the digital experience, understanding how it all fits together and impacts the end user is a discipline. Partners that understand DEM and how it benefits their customer’s business not only have a money-making opportunity in front of them, they can also improve their customer success.

Clearly, the end user’s experience with technology is critical to being efficient and productive for the business. It’s the driver to making investments.

“So why are customers and employees still complaining about poorly performing apps — in many cases critical business apps that may involve servicing customers — as well as day-to-day productivity apps?” Bisnette asked. “It’s because you can’t measure end-user experience with that technology, that device or that application.”

Riverbed conducted a study of 1,000 enterprise companies with revenue of $5 million and above, all engaged with some digital transformation initiative. “They’re stalled,” said Bisnette. “They can’t measure the impact of those digital initiatives and they know they have to do it.”

And more than 40 percent of respondents said that those digital initiatives will determine whether their businesses survive due their impact on profitability, time to market, and brand value.

With DEM, you can obtain metrics before and after the implementation of a digital initiative to determine its impact, Bisnette stated.

“We’re not just measuring the user’s experience at the device. We measure at the device, at the application, through the network and into the infrastructure and we can pinpoint exactly where the problem is,” she said. It’s a process that takes minutes, not hours.

Her call to action: Look at the DEM if you’re looking to grow your business by helping businesses unleash the value of digital transformation.

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