CoreDial Unveils New Deployment Options for CoreNexa Contact Center


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CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — CoreDial (Booth 511 and a Premier Sponsor) is launching a range of deployment options for its flagship CoreNexa Contact Center customer engagement platform.

The hosted CoreNexa offering can be deployed on top of existing communications infrastructures to support third-party UC environments, as well as integrating with CoreDial’s CoreNexa UC platform. The company made the announcement Tuesday at Channel Partners Evolution in Philadelphia.

The flexible deployment capabilities help channel partners expand their addressable markets, allowing MSPs to customize their installations and sell to a wider base of businesses — including non-CoreDial end-users, according to the company. In addition, MSPs can deliver new omnichannel engagement capabilities to their legacy accounts, strengthening their customer relationships and generating new revenue streams.

CoreDial's Ken Lienemann

CoreDial’s Ken Lienemann

Ken Lienemann, CoreDial’s chief revenue officer, tells Channel Partners that since launching its contact-center offering to the channel in April, “we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of seats already in production, and we’ve got a pipeline of thousands of seats, and it continues to grow.”

“Prior to our solution, all of our partners resold somebody else’s contact center, meaning they were an agent, so they had to go and they would make 20 percent commission on the solution, the vendor themselves controlled all the aspects of how it was priced and quoted, and all the partner could do is come to the table and say, ‘Here it is,'” he said. “In our case, they private-label the solution … so they’re bringing their brand, their trusted-adviser status to the table, which is a big benefit because they don’t have to point to a third-party solution. And they also can control the pricing more because we offer them at a wholesale rate. And so they make the decisions around how they want to price the retail.”

The CoreNexa platform provides customer-engagement tools for SME companies whose personnel depend on customer interactions and communication, according to CoreDial. This includes any businesses with departments such as accounting, sales, customer service, dispatch or technical support.

The offering is designed to serve pervasive business needs, representing a “notable opportunity” for MSPs to introduce these tools to customers, the company said.

“The features and functionality of the solution stack up very strongly against the six or seven alternatives that are out there in the marketplace,” Lienemann said. “So just from a competitive standpoint when it comes to the software, it’s there and it’s ahead of some of the those as well in specific areas. The other thing is we’ve really simplified the way we go to market with contact center, so we package it up in two models: a voice-only model and then everything else. Ours is all-in, so it’s a very simple pricing model. It’s price competitive and it eliminates a lot of the complexity around the decision making when it comes to that.”

Partners also benefit from accelerated time to market and simplicity of configuration, he said.

“If we get an order, the contact center is standing up and ready to go within 24 hours,” Lienemann said. “In addition to that, if they have database integrations they want to do or higher-tailored configurations they need to achieve, that requires …

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