Avant’s Special Forces: ‘Nuclear Hot’ Opportunities for the Channel

Nuclear hot

… not taking care of that email for you.”

Avant also announced major enhancements to its channel sales enablement capabilities with the updated release of its BattleApp. Users of BattleApp have grown 82 percent year over year, Lydecker said.

“The BattleApp is continuing to evolve, so what that means pretty much for the trusted adviser, in my opinion, is a superweapon to differentiate yourself when you’re in front of a customer,” he said. “Right now, with the way the market’s going, for a trusted adviser to be able to get in front of a customer to show off their intellectual property, the resources they have, how they can navigate the confusion that the market is giving everyone, the BattleApp just continues to evolve.”

The new feature functionality allows Avant’s agents, VARs, MSPs and SIs to “completely morph into the BattleApp, meaning their colors, their logo, their everything, from research to the branded pages, to any PDF that’s located on it, everything gets rebranded,” Lydecker said.

“And in addition to that, we’ve upgraded our matrices, which is our research that we have found to be a big differentiator for our particular customers today, the customers being our agents, VARs and MSPs,” he said. “And so to be able to go in there and have research that is unlike any research on the planet right now is super important, but to have it rebranded as yours is very, very powerful.”

In terms of cybersecurity, Lydecker said Avant’s new alliance with MSSP TrustWave is a “huge differentiator for Avant’s trusted advisers.”

Steven Baer, TrustWave’s vice president of systems engineers, said what differentiates his company is its ability to deal with multiple types of clients.”

“We are not a one-size-fits-all, that’s it, this-is-our-way-or-the-highway organization,” he said. “Cyberthreats vary from industry to industry, from business to business, and from geography to geography, and we can paint and match, and provide that threat intelligence to those organizations. We’ve got 10 global security operations centers (SOCs) plus a fusion center in Chicago, and over 250 cybersecurity experts who do nothing but cybercrime.”

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