Avant’s Special Forces: ‘Nuclear Hot’ Opportunities for the Channel

Nuclear hot

CHANNEL PARTNERS EVOLUTION — Partners should be screaming about all the opportunities made available to them through rapidly advancing technology.

That’s according to Drew Lydecker, president and co-founder of Avant, which gave its first Special Forces training session in conjunction with Channel Partners Evolution on Tuesday. It brought the partner community together with thought leaders and key vendors of next-generation IT offerings.

“This is a mini version of our large Special Forces that we did in Chicago,” Lydecker said. “It’s part motivation and part technical, but the goal of these is really to up your game. If you’re one of our partners, one of our customers, you’re in the pros, so you have to train like a pro. So today is all about enhancing what you’re saying in front of a customer, where the market’s going and it’s not your typical training.”

Avant's Drew Lydecker leads a discussion during the Avant Special Forces Training.

Avant’s Drew Lydecker leads a discussion during the Special Forces Training.

Lydecker gave his latest “mother of all presentations” (MOAP), which will be available to customers rebranded as their own.

“We’re huge on silver bullets and right now this market in particular in all the various areas that we play in is changing so much that it’s about learning a little bit about all of it,” he said. “This is the golden era of the trusted adviser. Never in history has a trusted adviser been so needed for the end customer. And this isn’t just in the small business and this isn’t just in the enterprise. This is in the absolute biggest businesses on the planet today. So you need a platform to plug into because in order to keep up with the rate of change, you have to have a team constantly feeding you all of the new information that’s coming out almost on a minute-by-minute basis.”

There’s massive opportunities in UCaaS and SD-WAN, and cybersecurity is “absolutely nuclear hot,” Lydecker said.  Every time you see a breach, you should “do a little fist pump because that’s an opportunity,” he said.

“Eighty percent of tech revenue is now occurring through indirect channels,” he said. “We need to be screaming this statistic. This is the era that we live in and this is the statistic I love: 90 percent will seek outside assistance with their cloud strategy and implementation.”

Pat Brown, Xtel Communications’ channel manager, said a “lot of good knowledge” was shared during Special Forces, “and Avant seems to be leading the way in the master agent channel.”

“Some of the statistics on how UCaaS is changing the environment and how the growth for UCaaS is, and the opportunities it affords all the partners is interesting,” he said.

Lydecker also said he’s puzzled by the number of trusted advisers not selling more disaster recovery-as-a-service (DraaS.)

“We need to get way ahead of DRaaS as trusted advisers,” he said. “This it not slowing down. This is the easy button. It is something that customers just can’t do on their own.”

During a panel discussion on cloud sales opportunities, including IaaS, DRaaS, colocation, hyperscale and hybrid, William Bell, PhoenixNAP‘s executive vice president of products, said the single greatest opportunity is in services: IaaS, security as-a-service and colocation.

The amount of things people think are protected and safe would astonish you,” he said. “People just believe Microsoft is taking care of everything there. We know for a fact Microsoft is …

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