Full MSP 501 Report Coming Tuesday

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At Channel Partners Evolution next week, Channel Futures will unveil the 2018 MSP 501 Survey and Report, the data analysis that accompanies our annual MSP 501 Worldwide Rankings of the top 501 managed service providers from around the globe.

For the first time since implementing a new methodology that weights different revenue streams based upon their overall value to the business model and long-term profitability, we have data for three consecutive years to crunch in order to identify historical trends in the managed-services industry. These insights reveal a lot about the rapidly evolving IT channel and MSPs’ changing business models.

Collectively, the companies that comprise this year’s 501 amassed more than $14.56 billion in revenue, a 7.1 percent increase over what they reported for last year ($14.48 billion). That includes a total of $2.95 billion in managed services recurring revenue, which rose 8 percent from their reported figures for fiscal year 2016 ($2.79 billion). A deeper dive into how that revenue is spread among growth opportunities, differs by company size and diverges between those applicants that made the 501 and those that did not show where MSPs are struggling, where they’re excelling and where they’re missing the boat.

Areas of examination from the 2018 report include:

  1. Target markets and verticals
  2. The Internet of Things (IoT) opportunity
  3. Hiring trends
  4. Most-leveraged cloud services
  5. Pricing structures
  6. Peer group membership
  7. The changing nature of resale
  8. Managed security
  9. Industry consolidation

The world runs on the software solutions, connectivity and cloud applications that managed service providers (MSPs) wheel and deal in, and it isn’t just enterprises that need the channel’s services anymore. No matter the industry, the size or the geography, it’s indisputable that today every company is a tech company. And that means every company is fair game for an MSP.

The full report will be released Tuesday, Oct. 9, the opening day of Channel Partners Evolution.

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