AT&T: IT and Telco Convergence Driving IoT Innovation

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… the channel define IoT today?

“I try to demystify it,” says Leonard. “IoT in my mind is nothing but a connection. [Partners have] sold connections forever. It’s not just bandwidth. Now you have to understand their business processes. How can you improve their core competencies as opposed to their network?”

Khan says partners are looking at it as more than just embedding IoT, but as predictive solutions that help solve problems before they happen. AT&T roughly categorizes partners on the IoT journey into three broad categories.

New entrants as a basic level can just sell connectivity, but it’s the intermediate level where the telco would like to see most of its partners come into the IoT market. These partners can leverage the company’s prepackaged IoT solutions to solve their customers’ business challenges across the board, providing everything they need for a turnkey solution. And AT&T’s most advanced partners are actually helping to develop solutions, driving innovation and strategy based on customer needs. Regardless of the skill level, every partner should be in the IoT game, say the executives.

“Solution providers come in all different shapes and sizes, and the beauty of AT&T is that … we have solutions for them all,” says Leonard. “We guide them and help them according to what’s best for their business models.”

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