Microsoft Targets Security, AI, Data, IoT and Edge Computing at Ignite


… AI for Humanitarian Action, the third program in the company’s AI for Good initiative that kicked off last year. The other two programs are AI for Accessibility and AI for Earth.

AI for Humanitarian Action is a five-year, $40 million program that uses artificial intelligence to aid efforts such as disaster recovery, protecting children, refugees and displaced people, and promoting respect for human rights.

IoT and Edge Computing

Microsoft announced three new solutions that it says unlock new opportunities for customers to bring cloud intelligence to new scenarios and to areas where connectivity is unreliable.

Azure Digital Twins is a new offering in Microsoft’s IoT platform that enables users and partners to create a comprehensive digital model of any physical environment. It provides a complete picture of the relationships and processes that connect people, places and devices. Azure Digital Twins leverages the power of the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge to provide a foundation for partners to build custom digital solutions that stay up to date with the physical world, and use analytics to understand the past and predict future states for scenarios such as predictive maintenance and energy management.

And, finally, a public view of Azure Data Box Edge is now available. Azure Data Box Edge is a physical network appliance, shipped by Microsoft, that sends data in and out of Azure with AI-enabled edge capabilities. Microsoft continues to add products to the Azure Data Box family to help businesses analyze, process and transform data before uploading it to the cloud.

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