Microsoft Adds AI, Mixed Reality Applications to Dynamics 365 Portfolio

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  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist allows first-line workers to work in a hands-free environment to quickly triage and effectively take care of problems before they become critical issues. This application helps workers identify and address issues accurately, eliminating the need for travel while improving operational efficiency.
  • Dynamics 365 Layout allows for new ways of spatial planning, such as visualizing room layouts in real-world scale, or to walk through proposed layouts in physical space or virtual reality. This application allows users to review and make changes with stakeholders in real-time, leading to cost savings; and to move, resize, and rotate 3-D models to edit layouts on the spot.

“We know that this can be a competitive advantage for many organizations. So bringing in and merging the physical and virtual world allows organizations to quickly do new ways of space planning and realize the potential within different spatial constraints in a new way,” Taylor said.

Dynamics 365 revenue has grown more than 60 percent since the company began disclosing it in 2017’s third quarter, surpassing billings of $1 billion last year, Microsoft said.

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