nexVortex Adds 4G LTE to Hosted Voice


PRESS RELEASE — HERNDON, VA (September 5, 2018) – As a leader in cloud communications and an industry expert in both SIP Trunking and Hosted Voice, nexVortex today announced the addition of 4G LTE as an option to their industry-recognized, award-winning Managed Hosted Voice (mHV) service. Customers with locations served by a single ISP will welcome the announcement which removes the risk of their business being completely out of service in the event of an internet outage.  The solution provides business continuity for both data and voice and has a number of high-value enhancements specifically targeting voice quality compared to traditional wireless internet failover solutions.

nexVortex launched Managed Hosted Voice service in early 2018.  In its traditional deployment, the patent-pending service intelligently duplicates, transmits, and recombines voice packets traveling between the customer’s site and the nexVortex Hosted Voice platform over multiple wired ISP links. This compensates for packet loss which is a big killer of voice quality.

While dual-ISPs are available in some locations, many businesses are in geographies served by only one ISP.  They are at great risk if their ISP has an internet disruption or a complete outage. It effectively would take them off the air and potentially put them out of business.  Estimates place the financial impact of an outage on a small to medium business (SMB) to be in the range of $8,000 to $74,000 per hour (source: Network World).

In an age when everything is moving to the cloud, losing connectivity can be catastrophic and   business continuity is critical to maintaining ongoing operations and revenue flow.  As a company dedicated to improving the quality of business communications, nexVortex enhanced its mHV offering to enable the use of 4G LTE as an optional secondary ISP for all services.

In its unique implementation, when internet problems occur on the primary wired ISP that adversely impact the quality of realtime Managed Hosted Voice but not data, the service will begin duplicating the voice packets over to LTE and will keep all other traffic flowing over the wired ISP. This protects voice quality while minimizing the use of the LTE data plan. In the event of a complete outage on the primary wired ISP, both hosted voice and all other traffic will be moved over to LTE. In either scenario, traffic will be returned to the wired ISP when service is restored.

“Managed Hosted Voice with LTE addresses a very critical problem in the cloud communications market today,” said Wes Rogers, founder and chief operating officer of nexVortex. “Internet outages will occur; it’s just a matter of time and when you move voice and data to the cloud – you are at risk. We have progressively added to the value of Managed Hosted Voice which now not only delivers quality, availability, and visibility but with LTE adds business continuity to protect business communications. It touches all the bases.”

Channel partners will appreciate that mHV with LTE is delivered as …

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