Comodo CA Purchases Disaster Recovery Provider


Digital web security provider Comodo CA has purchased CodeGuard, a global provider of website maintenance, backup and disaster recovery.

While CodeGuard will continue to operate independently, the acquisition combines Comodo CA’s secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates with CodeGuard’s backup and recovery services.

Michael Fowler, Comodo CA’s president of partners and channels, tells Channel Partners the acquisition introduces an “entirely new category of services” for his company’s partners to resell. Financial details regarding the transaction aren’t being disclosed.

Comodo CA's Michael Fowler

Comodo CA’s Michael Fowler

“CodeGuard’s website recovery functionality protects online businesses from a host of new potential problems including the introduction of malware, errors in development and deployment, and malicious site defacement attacks,” he said. “The same customers who purchase Comodo CA certificates from resellers today are a prime audience for this new breed of protective services, so partners have the opportunities to expand their share of wallet considerably within their existing customers.”

The margin opportunities are “very aggressive” and based on volume, Fowler said. Most partners will be able to receive a “very healthy return,” he said.

“SSL certificates are a fundamental security underpinning of all online business sites,” he said. “Comodo CA partners will now be able to offer additional, critical online protection capabilities in a single one-stop shop, giving them an advantage over other resellers who are only able to offer a subset of these solutions.”

CodeGuard partners can receive discounts on server certificates and take advantage of the combined infrastructure and support teams, Fowler said. Providing SSL certificates to their existing customers is a “great opportunity to add margin,” he said.

“Over time value added services and features will be added to the CodeGuard platform and with the same level of attention to detail and support that they know today,” he said. “The CodeGuard team will remain in place today and are a valuable asset to the Comodo CA team. We look forward to building our partnership with all CodeGuard partners.”

Existing Comodo CA partners can integrate CodeGuard offerings through advanced APIs that are now available, Fowler said.

“Once we integrate the two partner programs, partners will be able to access and deploy both sets of solutions through a single console or API,” he said. “Likewise, partners will have a single source for marketing material and programs, technical support and account management. Partners will be able to combine their volume for both programs to achieve greater discounts and other benefits designated for high-volume partners.”

CodeGuard's David Moeller

CodeGuard’s David Moeller

“For business owners, a website is a crucial part of the health and well-being of their company,” said David Moeller, CodeGuard’s CEO. “Our solutions give companies piece of mind that should something go wrong, they are protected at every level. By partnering with Comodo CA we are now uniquely positioned to deliver a more robust, comprehensive option for our combined customer base and look forward to seizing the rapidly growing demand for secure website products and services.”

Comodo CA was acquired by private equity firm Francisco Partners from Comodo Group in October 2017. Since the spin-out, the company continues to see increased global demand for its security offerings as evidenced by 25 percent year-over-year growth through the first half of 2018, as well as 40 percent revenue growth from its enterprise division and a 27 percent increase in global partner revenue during the same time period.

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